Academic Performance of Pre-Graduate Students

  •  Hazilah Amin    
  •  Siti Hanawi    
  •  Hazura Mohamed    
  •  Saidah Saad    
  •  Noraidah Sahari    
  •  Ibrahim Mohamed    


This study aims to investigate the performance of FTSM students’ academic achievement, based on the number of years of their study and entry requirements. The main objectives of this study are to look at the STPM, Matriculation and Diploma students’ academic achievement while studying in IHE, and whether students with low-entrance CGPAs could compete in IHE. Data were analyzed using the descriptive statistics and statistical inference; ANOVA. The findings of this study show that students with low-entrance CGPAs could still obtain the equivalent CGPAs as the high-entrance CGPA students while in IHE. STPM students have managed to improve their CGPAs in IHE. Matriculation students with low CGPA managed to improve their performance, while those with excellent CGPAs were able to maintain theirs. The results found that only Diploma holders have shown a decrease in their FTSM CGPAs compared with their entrance CGPAs. The results of this study may be able to enhance the motivation of students with poor entrance CGPAs, and also to motivate lecturers to continue guiding students with low entrance CGPAs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.