Day to Day Operations of Home School Families: Selecting from a Menu of Educational Choices to Meet Students’ Individual Instructional Needs

  •  Kenneth Anthony    
  •  Susie Burroughs    


This study examined the day to day operations of home schools. The case study method was used with four families from a larger pool of families that held membership in a home school organization. Data was gathered using interviews, observations, and artifacts. Findings suggest that these families operated their home schools using traditional methods to reach progressive goals. The families operated their home schools much as a person in a restaurant would choose food from a menu. They identified instructional goals and selected methods from a variety of choices available to them including courses taught through a home school cooperative, community colleges, online courses, video instruction, and individual study. Public schooling was not an option available to them. Traditional schools can learn from this home school model as it serves as a resource that supports individual learning goals rather than as the sole distributor of knowledge in a community. (Words=149)


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.