An Example of a Study with Instructed Music Listening Activities with Information and Concert Event Content

  •  Ajda Şenol Sakin    
  •  Gülnihal Gül    


It is thought that music education in general education, especially for individuals of all ages and levels, is important in the musical development of the individual. Besides, it is seen that the “listening-singing” learning area in general music education teaching programs has an important weight in the program. In this context, it is considered necessary that music listening activities carried out for this learning area should be among the main activities that support other musical activities in classroom music education, which form the basis for the students to benefit from music education. For this reason, it is thought that the active participation of the students in music listening activities will contribute to effective and efficient music education. With this study, it is aimed to determine the contribution of instructed music listening activities to music culture learning outcomes in secondary school music education. For this purpose, an instructed music listening activity was held for students in a secondary school. The effect of the activity performed on the level of success was measured with knowledge tests. According to the results it is found that most of the students achieved an above-moderate success from the recorder family knowledge test.

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