Perspectives of Students in Thailand on the Use of Humor in University Classroom

  •  Henzel Embalzado    
  •  Pair Sajampun    


Humor is a serious business. This study explores the perception of students in Thailand on the use of humor in business classrooms indicating that humorous classroom brings about physiological and emotional benefits to students as it relieves tension and stress, makes the classroom atmosphere more comfortable and less intimidating, and facilitates better teacher-student relationship. Around 358 students from a business school in Thailand were surveyed and the results found that most of the students prefer to have certain degree of humor in classroom as opposed to the general contention that Thai classrooms should command decorum and order. This instigates a welcome shift as Thailand prepares for the full implementation of Thailand 4.0 and the education sector is looking for ways into which classrooms could facilitate a more participatory, conducive and creative learning settings. Further discussion of the results and recommendations for future study are presented in the paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.