The Development a New Device to Measure of Audial and Visual Reaction Time in Hand and Foot (Validity and Reliability Study)

  •  Ozturk AGIRBAS    
  •  Eser AGGON    
  •  Recep OZ    


The determining the reaction time is a widely used as an indicator in sportive performance and field of exercise physiology. The purpose of this study is to develop a new reaction times device (NRTD) to determine both hand and foot visual and auditory reaction times, which is practical and economical. In the developed system to be obtained are kept in a database which is all necessary the intervals between stimuli for the reaction variable and all records. The system consists of software loaded on a computer and buttons specially prepared for hands and feet. The buttons are designed for precise measurement. The software of the program is written with Visual Basic program. The program can be recorded different features separately for each subject in the database except the reaction times. Also the system metrics can be presentedas a report to the user. While comparisons were made with the Newtest 1000 reaction device to determine the validity of the tool we developed, repeated measurements were made on the same group each week to determine its reliability. Measurements were carried out on 52 male students studying in Erzincan University's School of Physical Education and Sports. The resulting data were examined in SPSS 22.0 statistical package program for Windows. Independent Student T-test was used to compare two devices; Paired Sample T-test was used to compare repeated measurements of NRTD. No significant difference was detected statistically between neither right nor left-hand visual reaction times conducted with the device we have developed and Newtest 1000, or the repeated measurement results which were conducted each week with NRTD. It was concluded that NRTD is valid and reliable to measure reaction time and is an ideal measurement tool to measure both hand and foot reaction times.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.