Innovative Behavior: Relations with Developmental Culture, Psychological Empowerment, Distributive Justice and Organizational Learning Capacity

  •  Izlem Gozukara    
  •  Osman Yildirim    
  •  Burak Yildiz    


Competitive advantage has a significant role in organizations’ survival and the key path to achieve that advantage passes through innovation. Organizations need employees who do not just create new ideas but also implement them. These innovative behaviors may provide great contributions to both organizational performance and success. There are certain factors which motivate employees to exhibit such behaviors. Concordantly, the present study aims to discover how innovative behaviors of employees are related with developmental culture and psychological empowerment as well as distributive justice and organizational learning. The study sample included 276 participants from the aviation sector. The study data were collected through the survey method and data analysis was performed via SPPS and AMOS programs. The results showed that developmental culture and psychological empowerment had positive relationships with innovative behavior, whereas distributive justice and organizational learning capacity positively affected developmental culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.