Brand and Brand Strategies

  •  Yakup Durmaz    
  •  Hatice Yasar    


With the help of globalized technology, information, and fund, barriers for the product, service production and consuming have been removed in anywhere. Nowadays, it is so normal that any kind of industry shows up in anywhere of the world in a short time. No longer is producing products or services not the work of just some economies. The topic of the nowadays modern economic order is branding rather than production capability. In that context, branding is one of the most important indicators of the competitive capacity nowadays.

One of the most important assets of the businesses is the brand value. So many businesses take the advantage of that value in their new products and services. So brand strategies are highly important issues. Well-designed strategies are going to provide advantages for the businesses against their competitor in the compelling competition environment.

In this study, brand and brand strategies are examined.

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