The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Knowledge Management in Organizations

  •  Tarek El Badawy    
  •  Rania Marwan    
  •  Mariam Magdy    


Man versus the machine, it is a new and growing controversy that is irking those who criticize the increased use of technology, while considered to be extremely exciting news for supporters and advocators of the growing technologies in western countries. Supporters of the rapid technological advancement have argued that it has definitely increased productivity, and improved the economy. On the other hand, the opposing side has argued that such technologies are destroying jobs more than it is generating new ones. This paper examines the impact of growing technologies as depicted by the introduction of Watson the supercomputer, which represents the epitome of technological advancement, on knowledge management in organizations, by focusing on three important components that shape any business; people as identified by managers and employees, organizational processes, and the emerging technologies. The paper proposes a framework for managing knowledge and knowledge workers as well as proposing an adapted prototype design of how the future digitized organizational structure should be, and offers recommendations in this regard.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.