The Extent to Which Human Resources Managers in KNPC Believe in Human Resource Investment

  •  Ateej Al-Adwani    


Human Capital is increasingly believed to play an important role in the growth process, so the attention headed
towards the investment in Human Capital. This concept is relatively varying from one organization to another. In
this study the purpose is to examine the extent to which Human Resource managers in KNPC believe in Human
Resource Investment. For this purpose the researcher made interviews with the Head Managers in KNPC in
order to understand their thought and ideas about human recourse management and investment. And the results
of this study are as the following: proceeding from the concept of human resources development, the KNPC
Head Managers stated that training the new employees as well as training the trainers has proved positive effects
on performance, productivity and the overall success. The performance of human capital is being observed using
the Balanced Scorecard as a management system strategy. Also the interviews with the head managers have
emerged the perspective of decision making the managers adapting. Finally the researcher presented some
recommendations as the following: while involving the employees in decision making process the managers
must be aware about the privacy of some decisions regarding its importance and how much it is dangerous to be
spread outside the organization. In addition of that the researcher recommends to integrate the modern concepts
of balanced scorecard in order to achieve better measurements and estimation for human capital.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.