A New Introduction to Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management: Definitions and Theories Perspective

  •  Assey Mbang Janvier-James    


Supply Chain and Supply chain Management have played a significant role in corporate efficiency and have attracted the attention of numerous academicians over the last few years. Academic literature review discloses an important spurt in research in practice and theory of Supply Chain (SC) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Connecting and informing on Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management and distribution Management characteristics have contributed to the Supply Chain integration. This integration has generated the approach of extended corporate and the supply chain is nowadays manifested as the cooperative supply chain across intercorporate borders to increase the value across of the whole supply chain.

This paper seeks to introduce supply Chain and Supply Chain Management. A Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management definition, theoretical, practical and measurement analysis are proposed. Several randomly selected refereed academic articles were methodically analyzed.

A number of key findings have arisen: the field is a comparatively new one; several researchers have different perception of the discipline; the consensus is lacking on the definition of the terms: the Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management are widely defined; contextual focus is mainly on the manufacturing industry; research methods employed are mostly theoretical conceptual; the findings also suggest that undertaking a theory view could make important contributions towards defining the scope of supply chains. The literature review in this research proposes critical lexicons that are mostly used in academic dissertation. These notions can be beneficial for academician or organizations that are involve in Supply Chain Management business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.