The Role of Human Resources Management Towards Healthcare Providers Retention during Covid-19 Pandemic in Egypt

  •  Ashraf Elsafty    
  •  Mohammad Ragheb    


HRM has a significant role in motivating the employees and ensuring that every employee is satisfied with the HR practices. Healthcare providers have been facing stress and depression especially in Egypt, due to COVID-19. In this country, the healthcare providers are looking for alternatives to achieve satisfaction as COVID-19 has affected their jobs, salaries, incentives, and bonuses. The past studies have focused on assessing the HRM’s role in employee retention and satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic in Egypt. The past research discussed the impact of motivation, incentives, and rewards on the employees’ motivation. This study focused on evaluating the role of HRM towards the healthcare providers' retention during COVID-19 in Egypt. This study relied on the quantitative approach for achieving the findings and conclusion. The sample size of the study involved 120 healthcare providers working in different hospitals. The results revealed that intrinsic motivation, rewards, incentives, monetary benefits, and non-monetary benefits have an essential role in maintaining the healthcare providers during COVID-19. It is concluded that HR can play a significant role in retaining key healthcare providers in COVID-19. The elements including intrinsic motivation, incentives, non-monetary, and monetary benefits can play a significant part in retaining healthcare providers. HR departments should focus on releasing salaries on time, providing specific bonuses, and providing incentives to healthcare providers whenever they perform at their best level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.