Discussing the Relationships between Consumer Experiential Value, Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Resonance – Case Study of the STAYREAL Brand

  •  Yun Wang    
  •  Yu-Tzu Lin    


Based on the perspective of concert experience marketing, this research explores whether consumers resonate with the brand STAYREAL through celebrity endorsements while using the P-O-X theory as the research’s structure. Research subjects are audiences who have participated in the Mayday concerts. Mall-intercepts method with intentional sampling is used and questionnaires were distributed at the “Super Slippa– part 9” and “The Great Nobody” of 831 rock band in 2018 at the Taipei Arena. 422 valid questionnaires were returned from the 469 distributed. Data were analyzed using the statistical software SPSS19.0 and it was found that: 1. Experience value has a significant positive impact on celebrity endorsements; 2. Experience value has a significant positive impact on brand resonance. 3. Celebrity endorsements have a significant positive impact on brand resonance; 4. Celebrity endorsements have a partial intermediary effect between experience value and brand resonance, which proves that P-O-X is in a balanced state. In order to reach a stage of consumers’ resonance with the brand, future research can examine the utility factors such as brand attributes in price, design, fabric, comfort, color, etc. at the same time.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.