A New Approach for Proper Reporting of Pension Benefit Obligations in the Financial Statements of “Old Funds” for Professionals

  •  Carla Morrone    
  •  Maria Teresa Bianchi    
  •  Anna Attias    


In this paper, we focus on the disclosure of pension liabilities for entities referred to in Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 1994 no. 509 (also called “old funds” for professionals), which is crucial for a suitable communication. After illustrating the limits of current statutory financial statements’ in relation to the information they provide on pension benefit obligations, we propose three potential solutions to bridge the gap. Each of these proposals helps ensure the completeness and clarity of financial reporting and improves upon the informational capacity and quality of disclosure. In our opinion, one of these approaches, in particular, would be preferred because of its ease of adoption. Indeed, the disclosure in the explanatory notes allows for the quantification of pension benefit obligations, and hence a more proper evaluation of entities in the medium/long- term, with no impact on annual economic-financial results as reported in the balance sheet and the income statement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.