Impact of Digitalization on the Speed of Internationalization

  •  Yan-Yin Lee    
  •  Mohammad Falahat    
  •  Bik-Kai Sia    


Digitalization combined with globalization is the current megatrend that impacting the international business landscape and creates opportunities for new business models. Embracing digitalization enables firms for speedy internationalization. Although the phenomenon of early internationalization has received increasing attention in the field of International Entrepreneurship over the past decades, however, there is a lack of focus on the role of digitalization that allows a higher speed of internationalization. This paper proposes a model that highlights the moderating role of digitalization on international business competencies and speed of internationalization. We argue that small and medium enterprises able to enter international markets more rapidly due to the impact of digitalization. This study addresses a gap in the literature and practical development needs for better understanding the impact of digitalization on the speed of internationalization. The limitations and implications of this study will be discussed for theoretical development and future research direction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.