Small States in the Shadow of the International Alliances Kuwait as a Case Study

  •  Mona M. Bin Ali    
  •  Mohammad Kamal    
  •  Mohammad Al-Sayed Selim    


The international alliances, with their military, political, security and economic types, are seeking to achieve the goals of the concerned parties. Therefore, small states more than other states in dire need to these alliances where they seek through them to achieve their security, stability and protecting their existence, because of composition and limited capacity. However, these international alliances has many cost. The cleared ones and the undeclared cost, which is dependency for great countries allied with them. These alliances forcing small states to be satellite states, living in the shadow of the power countries to achieve their goals.

This study seeks to know the nature of the relationship between the small and the great countries in their alliances by following the political behavior of them under these alliances. The state of Kuwait will be the case study. It’s a typical case of small state which has alliances with great powers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.