Problem Based Learning Model: A Collection from the Literature

  •  Alias Masek    
  •  Sulaiman Yamin    


In Malaysia, there is a growing recognition for innovative teaching methods, such as Problem Based Learning (PBL), in engineering education in order to develop higher order thinking skills in engineering graduates. This paper addresses the need on the PBL approaches that fix into Malaysian engineering education scene, in particular with respect to technical engineering education in polytechnics. This paper first reviews the established PBL models, and several successful pilot projects that conducted in Malaysia. Then, the lesson learnt from the reviews is used as reference to formulate the PBL model that may fix into the Malaysian engineering education system. In summary, this article is an attempt to develop a PBL model for engineering education in Malaysia. The model proposed is waiting for experimentation to examine it effectiveness in shaping strong technical and personal skills among Malaysian graduates, and yet to possess with higher order thinking skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.