Riding the Country, Buying the Brand: How Country-of-Origin Image Drives the Purchase Behavior of Big Motorcycle in Indonesia

  •  Suharyanti Suharyanti    
  •  Bambang Sukma Wijaya    
  •  Melida Rostika    


This paper examines the role of country-of-origin image (COO image) values in the process of purchase decision making of big motorcycle consumers in Indonesia. Referring to the COO image values such as Authenticity, Differentiation, Quality Standard and Expertise, as well as the elements of purchase decision making process such as Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision and Post Purchase Decision, researchers conducted in-depth interviews to five Triumph big motorcycle consumers. The results show that the authenticity of the British-made product is the main consideration of consumers both in searching for information and in recognizing the need of big motorcycles. The competitive advantages of product that make it different from other products is the consideration in evaluating the brands, while product quality has the role in stimulating the purchase decision and post purchase actions, in which also strengthened by the perception towards the British-expertise in producing big motorcycles. This research is very beneficial to big motorcycle brands in understanding the mindset of Indonesian consumers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.