International Migration and Human Trafficking in Malaysia: A Study on Illegal Immigrants

  •  Mohd Ajis    
  •  Kamarulzaman Askandar    
  •  Saadon Awang    


Foreign immigrant mobilisation to a country is inheritable and in fact there are countries that encourage the entry of foreigners because they indirectly generate the country’s income and increase the economic activities. Due to various factors that influence migration among migrants, some of them are willing to enter countries illegally and become illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, most foreign immigrants with the illegal immigrant status have been exploited by certain parties, merely to get profit. Therefore, this article will discuss and reveal the experience of some illegal immigrants who have been exploited, especially during their admission process and their involvement in the economic activities. This exploitation does not only happen to migrants with illegal immigrant status, those who enter a country using Temporary Work Permit Pass (TWPP) could also be victims. The study was conducted using three main approaches, namely surveys, interviews and group discussion. The study found that there were respondents who have been exploited by certain parties especially during admission process and employment. Some of the various types of exploitations are fraud, abuse, coercion, force and so on. In conclusion, immigrants are exposed to trafficking criminal activities and it does not only focus on illegal immigrants, but also on those who have entered legally.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.