An Innovation Civilization in the Context of the Anthroposphere Crisis of the Technogenic Society

  •  Evgeny G. Kamensky    
  •  Evgeny I. Boev    


The article presents the philosophical and methodological model of the anthropological crisis caused by social and cultural transformation of the modern civilization. It analyses the essence and cause of the anomie and social orienting cultural regulatory mechanisms in the social system. The authors consider existential characteristics of the individual in the new “innovative” social space and specify transformation vectors of the innovative civilization. The study suggests that the innovative civilization should be considered as a stage of social development and a type of social organization, based on the achievements of the technological civilization, however, it is filled with new socio-humanistic contents. The results obtained will serve as a theoretical and methodological basis for further fundamental studies of possible risks, threats and prospects in the development of the innovative civilization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.