The Issue of Non-formal Adult Education in the Czech Republic

  •  Jan Kalenda    


This study deals with the issue of non-formal education in the Czech Republic. In this regard, it focuses on theparticipation of adults in non-formal education in and outside of a workplace and on the conditioning factors oftheir participation. For this purpose, the study uses a quantitative research strategy through which the data for therepresentative sample of adults were collected (N = 1,022). The study found that the participation rate of theadult population in non-formal education in the Czech Republic is 29%, where 33% of adults do participate innon-formal education in the workplace and only 17% of adults participate outside of the workplace. The mainfactors affecting the participation of local inhabitants in education are age and socioeconomic status. The higherthe status is, the higher the participation is. The current situation in the Czech Republic differs from othercountries because of the comparatively large number of self-employed people in the Czech Republic. On theother hand, it shares with other countries a similar structure of people excluded from educational activities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.