A Conceptual Framework of Happiness at the Workplace

  •  Phathara on Wesarat    
  •  Mohmad Yazam Sharif    
  •  Abdul Halim Abdul Majid    


Happiness at the workplace refers to how satisfied people are with their work and lives. The idea of happiness is related to individual’s subjective well-being. Happiness at the workplace is crucial for improving productivity in any organization. Happy people are productive people while those people who are unhappy may not pay full attention to any task. Some scholars believe that organizations which are able to maintain long-term happiness at the workplace could probably increase and sustain productivity. Therefore, they should know what factors could affect employee happiness in order to effectively enhance happiness at the workplace. But research on employee happiness was rarely seen in the past. The issue of happiness at the workplace needs to be properly conceptualized so that useful research on it could be conducted. This paper presents a potential conceptual framework of happiness at the workplace that could give valuable contribution to future research in this area.

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