The Structure and Content of the Model of Pedagogical Conditions Binary Approach to Optimization of Control and Diagnostic Functions in Teaching "General pedagogy" to Students

  •  Nadezhda Viktorovna Telegina    
  •  Elvira Gabdelbarovna Galimova    
  •  Alfiya Rafisovna Masalimova    


Some significant drawbacks of control and diagnostic functions in the sphere of higher professional education isassociated with the absence of a binary approach to its implementation, which leads to the low significance levelof education, personal motivation and responsibility of students for their academic activities and its results. Thearticle is aimed to develop a model of pedagogical conditions of a binary approach to optimize control anddiagnostic functions in teaching "General pedagogy" to students. A leading approach in the development of thismodel is binary approach, different from traditional and offering a fundamentally new strategy for solvingproblems of guaranteed quality of education. The article considers the structure and content of a pedagogicalcondition a binary approach model to optimization of control and diagnostic functions in teaching "Generalpedagogy" for students. The materials of this article have a practical importance in development and use of a testcontrol system and self-control of students ' knowledge using ICT, as well as packets of control and diagnostictasks and assignments for students studying "General pedagogy".

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.