Applied Technosphere Riskology as Direction of Future Life Security Experts Vocational Training

  •  Elena Viktorovna Muravyeva    
  •  Marina Viktorovna Golovko    
  •  Shamil Rinatovich Yusupov    
  •  Raisa Gabdullovna Biktemirova    
  •  Galina Viktorovna Morozova    
  •  Tatyana Timofeyevna Sidelnikova    


Theoretical and practice-oriented bases of applied technosphere riskology as a new interdisciplinary direction ofstudents training at technical educational institutions are revealed in the article. Specialized technology of therisk management, urged to solve problems of technosphere safety taken as a whole, but not separate parts is themain research of the article. "The applied technosphere riskology" is logical development of rather new scientificand subject matter – riskology – as for life security of a person is concerned. The authors have consideredinterdisciplinary integration in the content formation of vocational training of future life security experts in thefield of applied technosphere riskology, and also practice-oriented aspects of a graphic-analytical method"treelike structures" and a method of the diversionary analysis, directed at risk thinking formation, atprofessional reflection and culture of students life security as they are future life security experts. The article willbe useful for technical college teachers, the theorists and practitioners who are studying questions of the analysis,forecasting and risk management in technosphere.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.