Ways to Enhance the Competitiveness of Russia in an Unstable World Economy

  •  Mechtcheriakova Svetlana Anatolievna    
  •  Gurianov Igor Nikolaevich    
  •  Gurianova Elina Anatolievna    


Despite the recent positive trends in the Russian economy, the problem of increasing national competitiveness today. With the acceleration of globalization of economic relations and deepening of the international division of labour, a priority is to ensure an adequate level of competitiveness of the Russian economy. The dynamics of trends of the economic situation (world and Russian) reiterates the need to continue the implementation of institutional reforms in the country, the establishment of a new system of socio-economic relations, development of market mechanisms for deepening mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign States. For the formation of new conditions for sustainable development of the world economy should be significant structural changes in the technological and organizational nature, both at the international and at the national level. The high level of uncertainty in the economy of modern Russia leads to two main outcomes are poor risks and inadequate care, business people and organizations in investment activity, which ultimately leads to a decrease in their competitiveness. The risks are increased when growing uncertainty, instability, take place reform or undergoing rapid spontaneous changes in the economy. The phenomenon of growing uncertainty in the transformed economy not sufficiently researched. The main objective of the study was the development of the main directions of improving global competitiveness. The article presents the results of the analysis of competitive advantages and disadvantages of Russia in the world economy. Also examined the major factors contributing to or impeding to increased rating of the world competitiveness in the future. Based on this an attempt was made to develop basic strategic directions of increasing international competitiveness of Russia.

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