Influence of Trainings on the Indicators of Sociopsychological Adaptation

  •  Akhmetzyanova Nataliya Viktorovna    
  •  Nugmanova Dzhamilia Renatovna    


The article deals with the singularities of influence of trainings on the processes of sociopsychological adaptationof students. The objective of the research is to study the singularities of influence of trainings on the change ofthe students' adaptation process indicators.The authors suggest an original psychological express test in the form of interrogation. The indicators ofsociopsychological adaptation were determined. The empirical study of changes of the adaptation processesindicators during the training was carried out, and the obtained results were analyzed. The fulfilled research gavereasons to conclude that the suggested hypothesis was valid, and that the training classes irregularly influence onthe changes of students' adaptation indicators. The strongest influence of the classes affected the change of theemotional comfort indicator. The change of the indicator of safety feeling in a group was of nature that was morecomplex. It depends on the duration of the training classes. When the duration is short, the variation indicatordecreases insignificantly, and the difference of the values before and after the trainings is not statistically valid.When carrying out the 4-day program, we observed statistically valid changes in the indicators, and the variationof changes in the indicators decreases more than six times (from 38.7% to 6.4%).Thus, the research showed high efficiency of the developed training program.The obtained results allow developing more efficient psychological trainings targeting sociopsychologicaladaptation. At the development, it is necessary to take into account the complexity of dealing with the indicatorsof safety in a group and self-esteem.

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