Influence of Arm Muscle Strength, Draw Length and Archery Technique on Archery Achievement

  •  Hidayat Humaid    


Archery is a sport that fires an arrow onto target face as precisely as possible. In order to have high accuracy, there is a need of a true and consistent archery technique. Arms muscle strength is the capital to perform an archery technique. Anyone may perform a correct archery technique when he/she has sufficient arms muscle strength to draw and hold the bow. In order to perform a correct archery technique, an athlete must be able to feel and control his/her technique well. This study examines four variables, consisting of three exogenous variables and one endogenous variable. The exogenous variables consist of arms muscle strength (X1), pull length (X2) and archery technique (X3) and the endogenous variable consists of archery achievement of the FITA recurve round (X4). The sample of this study is 62 male archery athletes of the FITA recurve round. The instrument of study is made through several methods, such as (1) composing variable indicators of study, (2) composing instrument lattice, (3) performing instrument test, (4) performing test on the validity and reliability of instrument. Results shows that arm muscle strength influence archery achievement.

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