Cambodian Child Migrant Workers in the Rong Kluea Market Area in Thailand

  •  Utit Sankharat    


The problem of foreign child workers migration to Thailand day will expand at present especially the Thai border with neighboring countries. The child workers force these were right. Child workers is the need of the employer. Migrant children and many victims of human trafficking. The whole country's social origin and destination. The area along the Thai many points became the area of migrant children. Lead to the question that causes any is driven. Or support workers to these children across the border into the labor market in the country.The objectives of this study were to investigate: 1) factors influencing Cambodian child migrant workers in the Rong Kluea Market area in Aranyaprathet District, Sa Kaeo Province; 2) occupations of Cambodian child migrant workers in the Rong Kluea Market area. The data of this qualitative research were collected through interviewing and observing life of 24 Cambodian child migrant workers in the Rong Kluea Market area. The field data were classified into categories, interpreted, decoded, synthesized and tested using triangulation.The results of the study revealed that there were three factors that made the Cambodian child workers in the Rong Kluea Market area migrate: 1) internal factors from the country of origin which were poverty and economic status of their family, family conditions, household debts, and a lack of education; 2) migration of the foreign child workers was migration from their place of origin in rural areas of Cambodia to new areas in Poipet, Ou Chrov District, Banteay Meanchey Province, and crossing the border to be workers in the Rong Kluea Market area in Thailand; and 3) factors in Thailand which was the Rong Kluea Market area, the trade area on the Thailand-Cambodia border that was a special economic source, employment source, and hope for higher income than the country of origin.The occupations of Cambodian child migrant workers in the Rong Kluea Market area were found to consist of 10 main categories: 1) holding umbrellas to provide shade for tourists, 2) collecting garbage items for sale, 3) taking people across the border through a shortcut, 4) cleaning frogs, 5) cutting off grasshoppers’ wings, 6) scraping fish flesh and scaling fishes, 7) pushing goods carts, 8) peddling goods and fruit, 9) shop as workers sistants, and 10) selling sex services. Child workers can choose freely the kind of work they want to do either do it on their own or to be employed and directly depend on an employer. Child workers, some victims of human trafficking. Employment and some illegal workers. The exploitation and exploit workers unfairly. Cambodian child migrant workers these became the new issue problem of the border area.

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