The Perception of Students towards the Community Colleges’ Courses That Offered in Malaysia

  •  Dr. Ahmad Esa    
  •  Abdul Rasid Abdul Razzaq    
  •  Alias Masek    
  •  Dr. Asri Selamat    


Government has allocated funds to build and upgrade the present infrastructures to deal with the increasing capacity of students at community colleges. Among its reasons were the needs to strengthen the training and skills enhancement system and to encourage participation from SPM leavers. However, in fact not many of them interested to enroll and fill up the available quota. Therefore, this study was conducted to get views on SPM leaver’s perception towards community colleges and the courses offered. The quantitative survey designed which used questionnaires as an instrument. Samples of 105 respondents who were attending the National Service Training Program (NSTP) at Semberong Camp were chosen to represent the whole population of SPM leavers for the year of 2007. Findings showed that the perceptions of SPM leavers towards community colleges were at a moderate level, such as their acceptance towards the courses offered. At the same time, they were alert and informative pertaining to community colleges and the courses being offered. Others aspects have also taken into account such as participations, triggers, interest in courses and demographic factors. In summary, SPM leavers’ perception and acceptance towards community colleges and the courses offered were at a moderate level and it illustrated tendencies towards positive perception.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.