The Impact of Unemployment on Young People in the Jordanian Community: A Case Study from Unemployed Perspective

  •  Mohammad. M. Hussainat    
  •  Qasem. M. Ghnimat    
  •  Marwan Atef rabee Al – dlaeen    


The study aimed at identifying the social and psychological effects resulted from unemployment on the youth in the Jordanian community from their own perspective and their future attitudes. In addition it aimed to identify the social roles of the youth which are affected by the different problems they are exposed to because of lack of chances of work which made them anxious, depressed and fear of doing any specific work and being unable to change their life track to the best The objectives of the study were achieved through the instrument of the study which was distributed on the sample of the study. It consisted of (50) unemployed persons. The effects of the unemployment were studied in different areas represented such effects on the social life and the psychological problems of the youth, in addition to such effects on the roles of the youth in the community the findings related to the effect of the unemployment on the social problem that face the youth indicated that the delay of marriage age is the most prominent social problem. As for the psychological problems, the findings showed that the hostility feeling is the worst feeling those persons have within their community especially when comparing themselves with those who work. Finally, as for the roles of the youth, the participants showed that the unemployment causes confusion and disability of doing their own roles in the future. There were no statistically significant differences attributed to the demographic variables on the answers of the participants in all domains of the study Keywords: unemployment, youth, social problems, unemployment and the youth.

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