The Role of Arab Welfare State on the Light of Globalization

  •  Ali Mohammad Ali Al-Shboul    
  •  Alaa Zuhheir Al-Rawashdeh    
  •  Riyad Mofleh Khlaifat    
  •  Asmaa Ribhi Al Arab    


This sociological study analytical quality aims to identify the role of the welfare state Arab under the most important global changes which globalization it's economic, political, social and cultural rights. So come this paper to answer a series of questions about the concept of the welfare state when emerged, the justification of its existence, targets the welfare state, the concept of globalization & the foundations upon which the trends around. The study concluded that the globalization phenomenon carry many of the effects on the world, including the threat of states to withdraw their validity them and delivered to non-governmental organizations and institutions of an international character, and threaten security role Social adopted the welfare state Arab since it gained independence. Despite efforts to maintain the validity but it appears that the tide of change is much stronger than their capacity to resist. The study included a set of conclusions and offered solutions to the most important proposals and recommendations to address the status quo.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.