Drawing Technology and Method of Digital Restoration of Ancient Chinese Costume Structure—Take Tibetan Silk Robe in the Qing Dynasty as an Example

  •  Yuting Zheng    


For a long time, most of the research on ancient Chinese traditional costume in the academic circle has remained at the "metaphysical" level, and the historical research based on the "structural mechanism" of costume is very limited. However, the costume structure likes the architectural structure, contains the creation ideas and functional considerations of the ancients, and the digital restoration of the structure is an indispensable part of the in-depth study, protection and inheritance of ancient Chinese traditional costume culture. This paper takes the Tibetan silk robe in the Qing Dynasty as an example, elaborating the structure restoration drawing technology step by step. In order to provide technical solutions for the comprehensive protection and inheritance of the Chinese traditional costume culture from the perspective of costume science.

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