Problem Based Learning to Enhance Students Critical Thinking Skill via Online Tools

  •  Wan Nur Tasnim Wan Hussin    
  •  Jamalludin Harun    
  •  Nurbiha A. Shukor    


Critical thinking in 21st century has been recognized as a skill for citizens. Critical thinking is define as the intellectual thinking skills like analyzing, reasoning, problem solving, creative thinking, making judgement and good decision maker. One way to enhance critical thinking skill is by Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach and it is already widely utilized in educational course as problem solving in learning assessment. Meanwhile, an online tool is the effective approach for teaching and learning in worldwide nowadays. Recently, the previous papers more focus on PBL and the outcome of critical thinking, but not the process, tools to support especially in the new era of learning. There is quite a few paper discuss about using online tools in PBL and critical thinking. The purpose of this review is to look into how the online tools were tackled by previous scholars and the latest trends on online tools in PBL to enhance critical thinking skill. The finding is based on past articles from the other researchers before. Hopefully, this study will contribute to the introduction of a new era of understanding the importance of PBL to enhance critical thinking skill via online tools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.