Employability Skills Based on Polytechnic Graduate Job Role: Immediate Supervisor Perception

  •  Normala Rahmat    
  •  Yahya Buntat    
  •  Abdul Rahman Ayub    


Twenty first century employers need quality graduates to be competitive in global currents. This study was conducted to identify the importance of employability skills constructs required to improve the work performance based on the perception of the immediate supervisor’s in the polytechnic electronic graduates’ job role. This study uses a descriptive survey study involving a quantitative approach. Data collection was done by obtaining and analyzing quantitative data through self-developed questionnaire consisting of 31 items based on seven constructs of employability skills such as communication skills; personal qualities; teamwork skills; critical thinking skills and problem solving; technology skills; organizational skills and continuous learning skills. The sample consists of 170 immediate supervisors who represent the employers in four units of electrical and electronics industries namely research and development unit, maintenance unit, production unit and; quality and assurance unit. The findings of the quantitative study were analyzed using the Winstep V3.69.1.11 software. The findings of the analysis of the importance level of employability skills construct needed to improve work performance in all units are high with different priority rankings based on the role of graduates in the unit. In addition, the findings also show that critical thinking skills and problem solving are the most important employability skill constructs as well as the personal qualities and the latter are technology skills that must be owned and possesses by graduates who choose career paths in the electrical and electronic industries. Therefore, with the clarity of the concept of employability skills based on the job role as a result of this study it will facilitate graduates to adapt to the current wave of industrial change towards the concept of industry 4.0 with the application of precise employability skills oriented in the polytechnic electrical engineering curriculum.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.