Effective Safety and Health Management Policy for Improved Performance of Organizations in Africa

  •  Emmanuel I. Akpan    


Improving performance in organization may be demonstrated by way of intensifying effort towards increasing
output level and quality. To accomplish this goal means efforts of employees are required in task performance.
Effective execution of such essential employee responsibility, to a great extent, depends on the level of safety in
the workplace. Management policy, especially in the developing economies is yet to properly address the issue
of employee health and safety. This has resulted in frequent accidents and hazards, leading to high costs in the
areas of hospital bills, salaries for hospitalized workers and compensations. Increased labor turnover,
absenteeism, strained management-labor relationships, operational inefficiency, and ultimately decreasing
performance become noticeable in such organizations. To satisfy workers’ safety needs and motivate them,
ceteris paribus, management must maintain effective health and safety program, and be committed to its success
in all ramifications.

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