Dawacom Human Resource Management Reality and Ambition

  •  Nasser Assaf    
  •  Saleh Saleh Alhusan    
  •  Ahmed El-Qasem    
  •  Mohammad Al Qudah    
  •  Abdelkareem Alzoubi    


This project explores the human resource management (HRM) that’s the organization needs in order to perform effectively and efficiently. Dawacom HRM is the case study of this project, using qualitative approach methodology, and collecting data via researcher observations, experiences, and practices.

Through the project we expect to identify Dawacom HRM roles, tasks, objectives, workflow, and manager’s duties. Also, this project explores Dawacom HRM attributes, diversity, job analysis, recruiting and selecting processes, compensation systems, measuring HRM performance, training and developing programs.

The project highlighted issues that affect HRM Processes and organization performance such as: health and safety, ethical workplace and fair treatment, global human resource.

The project will show Dawacom HRM advantages and disadvantages and how can improve Dawacom HRM by what actions, personnel, cultural things. So, HR team will be able to focus his importance toward those areas.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.