The Impact of Wikis & Videos Integration Through Cooperative Writing Tasks Processes

  •  Lubin Franco-Camargo    
  •  Gonzalo Camacho-Vásquez    


ICT role in education nowadays is not only important, but also effective; its advancement allows a vast opportunity to be explored by EFL teachers into the EFL classroom. This action-research study envisioned and carried out from our teaching practice basis with English language B1 level students at Weisheit institute. Observation and instruments Implementation stages determined the positive impact of the integration of Wikis in EFL classrooms and how cooperative writing processes eased and helped the students improve their writing performance. Indeed, taking into account as a main strategy the “ICT” as a tool to improve teaching practices. This research was conducted through mixed-method approach and included a methodical process through data collection of journals, pre and post writing tests, semi-structured interviews and aptitude test. Of course, by looking upon that the application of these instruments helped us identify certain points of particular interest providing self-reflection on our own teaching-learning processes regarding as main problems; lack of writing skills, lack of vocabulary, grammar mistakes and writing inaccuracy. The strategies implemented had to do mainly with the integration of Wiki websites as a pedagogical instrument to improve writing skills through pre-writing eye-catching elements such as videos implementation in order to trigger motivational writing processes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.