The Interconnectedness Between Experience and Intelligence to English Language Teaching

  •  Andrew Philominraj    
  •  Maria Bertilla    
  •  Bruno Ramirez-Munoz    
  •  Andrea Fuentealba    


In today’s globalized world the importance of English language is beyond discussion. The thrust and focus of all the existing English language teaching theories, approaches and methods is to enable teachers and learners attain optimum success in the teaching and learning of English language. In spite of using all these resources in teaching, English language learning seems a difficult task to be mastered by learners. The contemporary models of communicative competence show that there is much more to the learning of a language and that include the vital component of learners cultural knowledge and awareness. Hence, this article by means of a qualitative descriptive approach aims to explore two concepts: intelligence and experience, and their interconnectedness, which opens new avenues to the teaching of English language.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.