A Survey of Students’ Attitudes Toward English Graded Teaching in China: A Case Study of North China Electric Power University

  •  Junhong Ren    
  •  Na Wang    


The present study investigates students’ attitudes toward English graded teaching in North China Electric Power University (NCEPU for short). In essence, differences between learners of different grades and achievement groups were examined with regard to five constructs, namely, their perception of English graded teaching, the impact of English graded teaching on their learning, their attitudes toward teaching materials, their attitudes toward teaching content and their expectations for college English instructions. The study also aims to put forth proposals to alter the undesirable aspects of college English graded teaching. Sixty-six students from ten departments participated in the survey. Questionnaire containing both questions with best choices and open-ended questions was the main instrument. Analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data shows that students from different achievement groups tend to hold neutral attitude toward our teaching practice, the teaching materials, and the teaching content. Despite this tendency, students from high achievement group tend to take positive attitude toward the undesirable aspects of this teaching practice. Finding from the questions with best choices indicates that our teaching practice may have lost its appeal to the language learners due to its failure to stimulate their motivation and meet their demand and interest. In addition, results of open-ended questions reveal that alterations are needed in teaching contents, teaching focus and assessment system if it were to regain students’ interest. The results of the study contribute to a good understanding of current English teaching situation in NCEPU. Proposals to alter this undesirable situation are put forward.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.