Teaching Mathematics Bilingually for Kindergarten Students with Teaching Aids Based on Local Wisdom

  •  Ririn Ambarini    
  •  Arso Setyaji    
  •  Sri Suneki    


Language and Mathematics are both skills and knowledge that need to master well so that it can be the provision for students’ future life when mingling with the community or society. Because of that the integration of teaching both language and Mathematics in bilingual Math learning will give many benefits to the students. They will learn not only how to interact with others by improving their communication skills but also how to develop their Math concepts and skills. Moreover students will also get lots of advantages by learning Mathematics bilingually. This study aimed to find out the development of the students’ English for Math ability in numbers and number sense in which the process of teaching learning is equipped with teaching aids based on local wisdom. The participants were 30 kindergarten students. The study used descriptive qualitative method and the results revealed that the teaching learning activities with teaching aids designed based on local wisdom have a significant effect on the development of both kindergarten students’ performance in English for Math activities and their love toward the local products found in their surrounding environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.