Cognitive Diagnostic Research on Chinese Students’ English Listening Skills and Implications on Skill Training

  •  Huilin Chen    
  •  Jinsong Chen    


By analyzing the test data of 2718 secondary school students in Guangzhou China on 15 listening items from Guangzhou English Achievement Examination (2015) through G-DINA model, the study explored the relationships among the listening comprehension skills. Based on the test specifications and listening skill taxonomies in existence, 5 experts in language skills and language testing conducted item content analysis independently for the 15 listening items, defined 5 listening attributes, and constructed the Q-matrix. After analyzing latent classes and their posterior probabilities, the study discovered the relationship among the listening skills. According to the listening skill relationship, the study provides insights on the sequence of listening skill training. The efficiency of training may be improved when closely related listening skills are instructed and practiced at the same time. The study also demonstrates that the compensatory and saturated G-DINA model caters to the characteristics of listening comprehension skills and can be applied to tests involving highly interactive and hierarchical skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.