Analyzing the Effectiveness of Vocabulary Knowledge Scale on Learning and Enhancing Vocabulary through Extensive Reading

  •  Syeda Iqbal    
  •  Syeda Komal    


This research is about the effectiveness of Vocabulary Knowledge Scale after extensive reading which helps in the enhancement of global language skills especially their vocabulary. This research is an endeavor to create an awareness of its significance in language acquisition through extensive reading especially focusing on vocabulary. The Vocabulary Knowledge Scale and interviews were the data collection tools. On the basis of analysis and interpretation, it was understood that Vocabulary Knowledge Scale was helpful in measuring vocabulary of the students and showed improvement in their vocabulary. This research also exposed many weaknesses of the administration and teachers. Further, it became clear that at the moment the problem was of insufficient training of teachers to motivate their students and be the best role models. Administration and teachers both need to show willingness to motivate students to develop reading habits.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.