Students’ Perceptions on Using Different Listening Assessment Methods: Audio-Only and Video Media

  •  Norazean Sulaiman    
  •  Ahmad Muhammad    
  •  Nurul Nadiah Ganapathy    
  •  Zulaikha Khairuddin    
  •  Salwa Othman    


The importance and usefulness of incorporating video media elements to teach listening have become part of the general understanding and commonplace in the academia nowadays (Alonso, 2013; Macwan, 2015; Garcia, 2012). Hence, it is of vital importance that students are taught effectively and assessed accordingly on their listening skills. The purpose of this study is to examine students’ perceptions towards audio only method and video media method in listening assessment. The participants for this study were 150 students from four different faculties. Pre and post-test were conducted in collecting the data for this study with the same set of questions with two different assessment methods used. The results indicated that the majority of the participants have positive response towards the use of video media as their listening assessment method as it provides authentic, meaningful, and real-life situation contexts. Video has been used as a tool to cater the needs of 21st century learners as these learners are exposed with a lot of visual materials in their daily life. More video media related assessments should be implemented in the second language (L2) classrooms so that students will be more familiar with the different types of assessments present these days. In light of this notion, curriculum developers should be aware of the advancement in technology and ready to invest in changes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.