On the Strategies of Graduation Thesis Writing Teaching of Translation Major Undergraduates Based on Eco-Translatology

  •  Wang Lin    


Graduation thesis is an indispensible procedure for each undergraduate, which is crucial for successful graduation, employment, further study and even further development. However, due to most undergraduates’ ignorance of academic writing and the deficiency of current thesis writing course, thesis writing ability can hardly be enhanced and improved, accordingly, few good graduation theses can be produced among undergraduates. As a newly-launched major in recent a few years, translation major (BTI education, i.e. Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation) is also faced up with this problem. Eco-Translatology, a new theory combining ecology and translation studies, holds translation as adaptation and selection, which can also provide important enlightenment for thesis writing of translation majors. This paper, based on Eco-Translatology and current thesis writing course deficiency, aims to explore constructive strategies on how to give effective and efficient thesis writing course in hope of greatly improving thesis writing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.