Integrating True Short Stories into English Classes: The Case of Foundation Students in Oman

  •  Munira Siyabi    


Searching for practical ways to improve students’ English language skills is a real concern for all English teachers. There is a consensus among ELT practitioners regarding the significance of reading for learning new languages, since reading gives depth to language learning (Stern, 2001). Thus, teachers are obligated to provide their students with interesting and suitable texts to read. Real stories are by far more interesting and involving than scientific and historical texts. The present study aimed to investigate students’ perceptions of reading true short stories and its benefits. The study data were collected through a survey and participant observation of 19 level D students in Oman. The study findings indicated that using stories during English class was an interesting experience and had good potential as a tool to improve English language skills. The meaningful context created by the true short stories made it much easier for the teacher to conduct and run the class.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.