An Empirical Analysis of Chinese College Learners’ Obstacles to MOOC Learning in an English Context

  •  LIU Liangxing    


This article reports a study applying an exploratory factor analysis to discovering the underlying factor structure of Chinese college students’ obstacles to learning MOOC in an English context. Seven obstacle factors are identified: 1. academic and language skills; 2. internet skills; 3. course instruction/ management; 4. learning motivations; 5. social interaction; 6. cost of learning; 7. time and support. The four independent variables that significantly affect Chinese college learners’ ratings of the obstacle factors are (a) learning enjoyment; (b) self-efficacy; (c) effectiveness of learning; (d) English proficiency level. The relationships among these independent variables and critical dependent variables are also explored.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.