On Improving Text Readability by Creating a Personal Writing Style

  •  Yuru Shen    


English writing is one of the four indispensable skills that English learners need to master, but unfortunately, many Chinese college students have much difficulty composing clear, concise and coherent essays although they have studied English for at least over six years. To address the problem, the researchers and teachers in China have tried various methods, which have undoubtedly more or less played a role in helping students improve their writing, but with no obvious result. Besides, although much research has been done on readability formulas, the main factors that influence text readability, and so on, little research has been done on how to improve text readability, or how to produce readable writing. This paper, based on a brief introduction to readability and a brief account of the studies on readability and an analysis of the factors that affect text readability, proposes that we can improve the readability of a text by creating our own writing style.

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