Visual Learning: A Learner Centered Approach to Enhance English Language Teaching

  •  Andrew Philominraj    
  •  David Jeyabalan    
  •  Cristian Vidal-Silva    


This article presents an empirical study carried out among the students of higher secondary schools to find out how English language learning occurs naturally in an environment where learners are encouraged by an appropriate method such as visual learning. The primary data was collected from 504 students with different pretested questionnaires. A selection of a series of variables is taken into consideration in the survey, which is measured and information of each one is collected to describe what is researched. The results indicate that visual learning is an essential part of the overall experience that the learners gain towards their process of language learning. Also, it constitutes a vital process of ‘Input and Interaction’ for the learner ensuring that his needs, necessities and aspirations are taken into account and by making him involved, produce genuine learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.