Promoting the Reading Culture towards Human Capital and Global Development

  •  M. O. Olasehinde    
  •  O. A. Akanmode    
  •  A. T. Alaiyemola    
  •  O. T. Babatunde    


It is commonly agreed that a country cannot be fully developed without large-scale investment in her educational scheme since the breakthrough of a country is directly proportional to her educational level. Since the acquisition of effective reading skills has a positive effect on all school subjects, then reading is sine-qua-non for human capital and global development. Yet, it has been observed that many Nigerians today have a poor reading habit. Thus, this paper focuses on this poor reading habit among our people today and its causes. The paper is rounded off with suggestions as to what concerned stakeholders can do to develop and re-invent the reading culture in Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.