A Tentative Study on the Task-Based Teaching of Writing to English Majors in Chinese Settings

  •  Sun Zhaochun    


Under task-based learning (TBL) framework, language learners engage in purposeful, problem-oriented, and outcome-driven tasks that are comparable to traditional teaching methods which focus only on the correctness of grammar. In this study, the author employs Jane Willis’ TBL framework and examines its effects on the improvement of EFL learners’ writing competence when such a framework is applied to English writing course for English majors in Chinese EFL context. The study results are derived from quantitative data yielded from experiments designed for this research. The findings of this research reveal that the application of TBL framework to English writing classrooms in Chinese EFL settings is effective in improving English majors’ writing competence and performance. This study provides the teaching of EFL writing a feasible and effective approach.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.