Saudi EFL Teachers’ Readiness and Perceptions of Young Learners Teaching at Elementary Schools

  •  Joza Fahd Al Malihi    


This study aimed to investigate EFL elementary school teachers’ perception of their own readiness to teach young learners at Saudi schools as it has been recently introduced at this level. Further, it inspects their major needs that should be considered when developing teacher-training programs. A questionnaire was distributed targeting elementary EFL teachers. 114 responses from both male and female EFL elementary school teachers from different areas of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia mostly from the eastern province were collected. Data was analyzed and computed. The results revealed that most of the EFL teachers were not fully ready to teach at this level since more than half of them did not receive enough pre-service nor in-service training concerning young learners’ teaching. Additionally, the teachers’ responses showed high enthusiasm towards teaching elementary students and considered it as a necessity. The study also surveyed the teachers’ perception of their own needs in terms of teacher training programs for these to be designed based on their personal point of views. Their priorities were mostly centered on using technology in young learners’ classrooms, methods and teaching strategies that suits young learners, and choosing and designing materials and activities that are suitable for the developmental stages of children. The study came up with valuable insights to those who are concerned and involved in teacher training.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.